Top Resources for Mastering SEO: A Comprehensive Guide

  • July 4, 2024
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SEO Insights and Resources

This week’s Ask An SEO question comes from Nicolò, who inquires:

“What are the best resources to learn SEO and who are the best people to follow online for good advice?”

This pivotal question addresses a common challenge faced by many seeking to master SEO: navigating the vast amount of sometimes conflicting information available online.

People to Follow

In the SEO industry, we frequently operate with limited information from search engines like Google. This often leads to speculation becoming accepted as fact, which can spread widely and end up influencing strategies. The key question then becomes: “Who and what can I trust?”

To build a reliable knowledge base, it’s vital to follow SEO professionals who base their insights on data and continuous testing.

Rather than providing specific names, I recommend strategies to help you find credible SEO experts:

Conferences and Publications

Begin by attending SEO conferences where speakers present new research and case studies. Authors in reputable SEO publications, such as Search Engine Journal, are also valuable sources of information. These individuals often question conventional wisdom and back up their claims with data.

Conference organizers and publication editors usually vet their contributors, which adds a layer of reliability to the content they deliver.

Follow Who They Follow

Expand your list by observing whom the trusted experts interact with or follow on social media. If certain names frequently appear in their circles, it’s a good sign those individuals offer valuable insights as well.

Engage in the discussions these experts partake in on social media. It is beneficial even if there are differing opinions, as it helps in understanding various perspectives based on rational and data-backed arguments.

Ask for Recommendations

Asking for recommendations from a trustworthy source is also prudent. For a targeted approach, such as learning about local SEO or ecommerce SEO, seek advice on who excels in those specific fields.

Be Part of the Discussion

SEO is a dynamic field, and no single expert holds all the answers. Engaging in ongoing conversations sharpens your understanding and broadens your perspective.

Join the Conversation

Seek out platforms where SEO discussions happen and contribute to them. Examples include Mordy Oberstein’s #SEOChat on X and the Google Search Central Help Community. Reddit subreddits like r/TechSEO and r/bigseo also host valuable debates and insights.

Start a Conversation

If you feel confident, initiate your own discussions in these forums. Pose specific questions and crowd-source the answers to gauge different perspectives.

Conferences and Meet-ups

Learning from who speaks at events is crucial, but let’s explore other facets of conferences and meet-ups:

Learn Something New

Attend diverse SEO talks, especially those outside your primary interest. This broadens your knowledge base and introduces you to new methodologies and strategies.

Conferences such as BrightonSEO, WTSFest, and MnSearch Summit are excellent starting points.

Look Outside of SEO

Attend events that cover a broad spectrum of digital marketing, such as PPC, content marketing, and more. Conferences like ADWorld Experience and Content Marketing World offer valuable cross-disciplinary insights.

Go to Panels

Panels provide a platform for collaborative and diverse viewpoints. Listening to multiple SEO pros, sometimes with opposing views, helps refine your opinions and deeper understanding.

Participate in Webinar Q&As

Webinars with Q&A sessions allow direct interaction with experts. For instance, the “SEO Office Hours” by Good Signals or Google’s “SEO Office Hours” present opportunities to ask questions and gain varied insights.


Joining SEO communities offers networking opportunities and helps resolve nuanced concerns, which can also lead to career advancements.

Create Your Own

If a suitable community doesn’t exist, initiate one. This could be local meet-ups or online calls where fellow SEO pros can share their knowledge and experiences.

Create a Forum

Leveraging platforms like Reddit to establish specialized forums can attract a wide audience without personal invitations.


Lastly, let’s address the core question: “Who and what can I trust?” Here are some curated resources to guide your SEO journey:


Subscribe to industry-specific newsletters such as Aleyda Solis’s “SEOFOMO Newsletter,” Nikki Halliwell’s “Tech SEO Tips,” and Tom Critchlow’s “SEO MBA.”

The Women in Tech SEO newsletter is another excellent resource for diverse insights in the industry.

Training Courses

Consider both free and paid SEO training courses. Highly recommended options include the Hubspot Academy, Semrush Academy, BrightLocal Academy, and the BrightonSEO short courses.

For a comprehensive study roadmap, Aleyda Solis’s offers a wealth of reliable and structured resources from beginner to advanced levels.


SEO is a continually evolving discipline with abundant information available. The key is to critically assess and curate a trustworthy list of resources and experts to follow. This strategic approach will help you keep your SEO knowledge current, accurate, and industry-relevant.

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