Google Subtly Discontinues Covid-Era Enhanced Search Results

  • June 12, 2024
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As of August 2020, Google has officially removed the Covid-era structured data connected to Home Activities rich results, which previously enabled online events to be displayed in search results. This change has been documented in the Google Search documentation changelog.

Home Activities Rich Results

The structured data employed for Home Activities rich results facilitated the discoverability of online livestreams, pre-recorded events, and other online activities through Google Search. Providers could make their content easily accessible and visible to users searching for virtual events.

The original documentation pertaining to Home Activities rich results has been fully removed from Google Search Central webpages. Any attempts to access it now redirect users to a changelog entry, which clarifies that Home Activity rich results are no longer available for display in search results.

The primary objective behind this feature was to help individuals find and participate in online activities from home during the quarantine period, such as virtual classes and events. Google’s rich results provided crucial information such as how to watch these events, a description of the activities, and registration details.

Online event providers were mandated to utilize Event or Video structured data to enable this feature. Although this specific rich result is no longer being surfaced, publishers and businesses already using this structured data need not remove it if it proves cumbersome. Maintaining the data will not adversely affect the website even though it is no longer utilized for rich results.

The changelog in Google’s official documentation confirms:

“Removing home activity documentation
What: Removed documentation on home activity structured data.

Why: The home activity feature no longer appears in Google Search results.”

Learn more about Google’s Home Activities rich results:

Google Announces Home Activities Rich Results

Read the Wayback Machine’s archived version of Google’s original announcement from 2020:

Home Activities

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