Google Provides Merchants with Enhanced Insights on Shopping Search Performance

  • June 10, 2024
  • SEO
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Google has introduced a new functionality in the Search Console that enables merchants to monitor their product listings within the Google Search Image tab.

This enhanced feature allows businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their visibility across Google’s various shopping experiences.

Locating ‘Merchant Listings Performance’ in Search Console

This newly added data can be accessed through the “Performance” report under the “Google Search Image” tab.

There, you can analyze the performance of your product listings across multiple Google platforms.

The data includes key metrics such as impressions, clicks, and other vital performance indicators related to your product displays.

Integrating merchant listing performance into Search Console provides businesses with a more holistic view of their product visibility, enabling them to optimize their strategies effectively.

Eligibility & Shopping Section in Search Console

To qualify for these merchant listing reports, a website must be recognized by Google as an online merchant primarily selling physical goods or services directly to consumers.

Affiliate websites or platforms that redirect users to other sites for purchase completion do not qualify.

Once the site is identified as an online merchant, the Search Console will display a dedicated “Shopping” section in its navigation bar.

This section provides tools and reports specifically designed for shopping experiences, including:

  1. Product Snippet Rich Report: Offers insights into structured data for product snippets, enhancing search result displays with visual elements such as ratings and prices.
  2. Merchant Listing Rich Report: Provides analytics on merchant listing structured data, helping to achieve more detailed search results, often appearing in carousels or knowledge panels.
  3. Shopping Tab Listings: Contains information and guidance on how to get products listed in the dedicated Shopping tab within Google Search results.

Google’s automated systems determine a site’s eligibility as an online merchant by examining the presence of structured data and other relevant factors.

In Summary

This new feature in Google’s Search Console delivers valuable insights into the visibility and performance of your product listings within search results.

Leveraging these insights allows you to make informed adjustments and improve the visibility of your products, making them more accessible to potential customers.

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