Google Faces Challenges in Increasing Search Traffic on Its iPhone Apps

  • July 8, 2024
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Google’s Strategic Shift to Reduce Dependency on Apple’s Safari

According to a comprehensive report by The Information, Google is actively striving to diminish its reliance on Apple’s Safari browser. However, the progress in this initiative has been slower than initially anticipated.

As Google awaits the verdict on the U.S. Department of Justice’s ongoing antitrust lawsuit, its current partnership with Apple faces uncertainty.

The existing agreement, which designates Google as the default search engine on Safari for iPhone users, could be compromised if the judicial ruling does not favor Google.

In an effort to mitigate this risk, Google has been actively encouraging iPhone users to switch to its proprietary Google Search or Chrome applications for browsing. Despite these promotional efforts, success has been relatively limited.

Modest Gains in App Adoption

Over the past five years, Google has managed to increase the proportion of iPhone searches conducted through its applications from 25% to the low 30s percentile.

While this increase signifies progress, it still falls short of Google’s ambitious internal target of achieving a 50% usage rate by 2030.

To achieve this, Google has implemented various marketing strategies, including campaigns that highlight features such as the Lens image search and enhancements to the Discover feed.

Despite these concerted efforts, the fact that Safari comes preinstalled on iPhones remains a significant barrier to broader adoption.

Financial Stakes & Market Dynamics

The financial ramifications of Google’s struggle to reduce its dependency on Safari are considerable for both Google and Apple.

In 2023, Google reportedly paid Apple more than $20 billion to retain its status as the default search engine on Safari.

By shifting a larger share of users to its own apps, Google aims to reduce these substantial payments and strengthen its position in future bargaining endeavors with Apple.

Antitrust Lawsuit & Potential Consequences

The ongoing antitrust lawsuit poses a significant risk to Google’s current business model.

If the ruling does not go in Google’s favor, the company could lose access to approximately 70% of searches conducted on iPhones, which represents a substantial portion of the smartphone market in the U.S.

This potential outcome could adversely impact Google’s mobile search advertising revenue, which exceeded $207 billion in 2023.

New Initiatives & Leadership

In response to these challenges, Google has recruited new talent, including Robby Stein, a former executive from Instagram and Yahoo.

Stein is now leading the efforts to attract iPhone users to Google’s mobile applications, exploring innovative features to make these apps more appealing, including the integration of generative AI technology.

Looking Ahead

As the antitrust ruling looms, Google’s capability to draw users to its own applications will be critical in determining its ability to retain its market share in search.

It will be essential to monitor closely how Google navigates these challenges and whether it can successfully reduce its dependence on Safari.

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