Google Case Study Highlights the Significance of Structured Data

  • June 10, 2024
  • SEO
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Google recently published an insightful case study demonstrating how the application of structured data and adherence to best practices significantly enhanced content discoverability and increased search traffic. The focus of the case study is on the utilization of Video structured data, but the insights provided are broadly applicable to various content types.

The case study centers around Vidio, an Indonesian publisher making notable strides in the digital space.

Impact of CDNs on Indexing

An intriguing aspect of the case study addresses how Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) can inadvertently create indexing challenges by utilizing expiring URLs for image and video files. Google’s updated guidance highlights the necessity for CDNs to employ stable URLs. It directs readers to additional documentation that elaborates on these issues.

Google clarifies that the use of rapidly expiring URLs for video and thumbnail files can impede successful indexing and data retrieval. They strongly advise publishers and SEOs to maintain a single, stable URL for each video. This practice not only facilitates Google in indexing the files but also aids in the collection of user interest signals.

According to the documentation:

“Some CDNs use quickly expiring URLs for video and thumbnail files. These URLs may prevent Google from successfully indexing your videos or fetching the video files. This also makes it harder for Google to understand users’ interest in your videos over time.

Use a single unique and stable URL for each video. This allows Google to discover and process the videos consistently, confirm they are still available, and collect correct signals on the videos.”

Correct Implementation of Structured Data

Google emphasizes the critical role of correctly implemented structured data. They advocate for the validation of this data using Google’s structured data testing tool to ensure accuracy.

The following results were observed after the implementation:

“Within a year of implementing VideoObject markup, Vidio observed substantial improvements in impressions and clicks on their video pages. Although the number of videos published by Vidio increased by approximately 30% from Q1 2022 to Q1 2023, the addition of VideoObject markup significantly enhanced their eligibility for prominent display on Google.

This strategic move led to a threefold increase in video impressions and nearly doubled video clicks on Google Search. Vidio also utilized the Search Console video indexing and performance reports, which enabled them to identify and resolve issues across their entire platform.”

Maximizing Visibility Through Indexing and Structured Data

The case study underscores that improved search performance hinges on Google’s ability to effectively crawl URLs. This is critical and often overlooked during site audits, especially when correlating ranking drops to algorithm updates. It is essential to consider all factors.

Another key recommendation from the case study is the proper application of structured data. The correct use of structured data can significantly enhance a webpage’s search visibility, making it eligible for Google’s enhanced search features such as featured snippets.

For further insights, read Google’s case study:

How Vidio brought more locally relevant video-on-demand (VOD) content to Indonesian users through Google Search

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