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  • July 11, 2024
  • SEO
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Recently, I had the privilege of hosting a webinar where we delved into the intricacies of Reddit, its remarkable growth, and its significant impact on search results.

It’s been some time since I last discussed Reddit as a focal topic, but it remains a subject I could expound upon endlessly. Reddit continues to cement its status as one of the most influential online communities today.

If you were unable to attend the live presentation, the session is available on-demand here: From Subreddits to Search: Maximizing Your Brand’s Impact on Reddit.

Let’s explore the key themes we addressed during the discussion.

The Current State of Reddit

Reddit has experienced explosive growth recently. Here are some statistics that illustrate this surge:

With an annual growth rate of 37%, Reddit’s expansion is extraordinary. It is also noteworthy that 50% of its user base is now international, showcasing its impressive global reach.

Why Reddit Has Become So Influential

Reddit’s success stems from its ability to solve a crucial problem: the oversaturation of low-quality content on the internet.

As traditional search experiences become increasingly inadequate, users are seeking more reliable and conversational answers.

Reddit fills this gap by providing authentic, user-generated content that is widely trusted. Many searchers even append [reddit] to their search queries to ensure Reddit results appear.

Google has taken note and has integrated Reddit more prominently into its search results following the 2022 helpful content update.

Reddit’s importance is further emphasized by deals with Google and OpenAI, including a $60 million deal with Google for real-time content access and training future AI models using Reddit data.

Tips for Succeeding on Reddit

1. Understand the Platform

Reddit is not just another social media site; it is a sophisticated content-sharing platform.

This distinction is vital for mastering Reddit. Unlike other social media platforms, Reddit is organized into user-generated subreddits—communities where users share and discuss content.

Each subreddit is unique with its own culture, tone, and rules, akin to separate communities rather than categories under one umbrella.

This individuality necessitates a tailored approach to fit each community’s norms and expectations.

On Reddit, the focus is on topics rather than individuals. Although influential figures like Bill Gates participate, it is their contributions and the subjects they discuss that matter, not their personal brand. This emphasis on topics rather than individuals distinguishes Reddit from other platforms.

Anonymity is a core feature of Reddit, encouraging free and honest discussion.

This anonymity fosters open dialogues, evident in subreddits like “/r/AmItheAsshole,” where users seek unbiased opinions on personal issues. Valuing and understanding this anonymity is crucial for authentic engagement with the Reddit community.

It’s important to distinguish between moderators—regular users managing subreddits—and admins—Reddit employees.

Mistaking the two can lead to frustration as their powers and responsibilities differ. Recognize this distinction to better navigate interactions and issues on the platform.

Mastering these fundamental aspects of Reddit is essential for making a strong first impression and succeeding on the platform.

Missteps can quickly derail your efforts, but with the right approach, Reddit offers a unique and valuable space for content sharing and community engagement.

2. Avoid Spamming

Understanding and respecting community guidelines is crucial to avoid spamming on Reddit and maintain a positive presence.

Spam is defined differently by each subreddit, but common behaviors include:

  • Posting off-topic content.
  • Submitting content too frequently, even if it’s valuable.
  • Sharing identical content across multiple subreddits.
  • Bypassing subreddit rules (e.g., using redirects to share prohibited links).
  • Posting without engaging in comments.
  • Excessive self-promotion.

Each subreddit lists specific rules in the sidebar, so make sure to read and adhere to them.

Reddit’s robust spam prevention measures ensure a better community experience by reducing spam and encouraging genuine engagement:

  • AutoMod: Automated scripts filter submissions based on criteria like account age and karma.
  • Contributor Quality Tiers: Evaluates users based on their overall activity and legitimacy.
  • Ban Evasion Filters: Uses AI to detect and prevent users from creating new accounts to bypass bans.

Avoiding attempts to game the system is essential as these measures make it increasingly challenging and counterproductive.

3. Become a Redditor and Build Karma

Engage authentically by commenting and participating in discussions before submitting your own posts. Build karma and understand community dynamics.

Becoming an active member of relevant subreddits that align with your interests, whether it’s horticulture or TV shows like “Rick and Morty,” helps you understand Reddit’s culture and norms.

By participating in discussions, you can build karma—a reputation score based on upvotes and downvotes—which is vital for unlocking privileges and ensuring your posts aren’t hidden by automated moderation.

For easier karma accumulation, focus on subreddits with low restrictions, like those dedicated to sharing cute animal pictures or Q&A forums.

Approaching this naturally and avoiding inauthentic engagement prevents bans and negative karma.

Prioritize commenting on existing posts to integrate into the community and learn which content types drive engagement.

Strategically engaging with trending “rising” posts can maximize your comment’s exposure as those threads gain popularity.

This approach provides valuable insights into community interests, helping you tailor future submissions to resonate better with the audience.

Thoughtful, well-crafted comments are valued by Reddit users, even from brand accounts, if they adopt a personable tone. Authentic engagement can shift perceptions positively, as demonstrated in successful campaigns like the one we executed for TikTok.

Building karma through comments and understanding the community creates a solid foundation for future content submissions.

4. Choose Your Subreddits Carefully

When ready to submit content, identify subreddits that align with your interests and goals using Reddit’s search functionality.

Searching specific domains, such as “site:searchenginejournal.com,” can help you identify subreddits where your content or similar topics have been discussed positively.

Researching competitors’ activity also provides insights into subreddits with successful content engagement.

Ensure the subreddits you choose align with your content goals and meet the needs of the user journey, addressing relevant questions and topics.

Evaluate subreddit activity by checking member numbers and current active users, prioritizing active engagement over inflated but inactive memberships.

Thoroughly review each subreddit’s rules. If they conflict with your content goals, seek more suitable subreddits rather than bypassing rules.

Understanding moderator behavior and preferences in each subreddit helps gauge how your content might be received, increasing chances of success by aligning with their standards.

Finally, assess the overall tone of the subreddit community. Relevant subject focus does not guarantee positive reception, so ensure your content will resonate positively.

Carefully selecting and evaluating subreddits positions your content for optimal engagement and success.

5. Create Your Own Subreddit

Creating a dedicated subreddit offers brands control over discussions, solving customer needs while enhancing search and AI visibility.

Choose knowledgeable moderators who understand Reddit culture and handle interactions professionally, avoiding defensive arguments with users.

Establish clear rules and utilize automated moderation tools for effective subreddit management, ensuring a positive user experience.

Engage thoughtfully with negative comments instead of deleting or banning users; genuine interaction is respected by the community.

Approach every interaction with authenticity, as if you are the Redditor who advocated for your brand’s Reddit presence. This personal touch can significantly enhance your brand’s reputation on the platform.

6. Post the Right Content That Adds Value

Identify the right subreddit and submit content that provides value to the community.

Thorough research of relevant topics and your unique expertise ensures positive engagement and brand interaction.

Enhance discussions with solutions or insights, contributing to the conversation from your brand’s perspective.

Examine top content in chosen subreddits from the past year to identify successful topics and community interests.

Engage with standout users and comments to gauge effectiveness and anticipate reactions.

Study moderators’ submissions and preferences to build rapport and influence content success, as they play a crucial role in content approval.

Focus on what the community wants rather than personal preferences, avoiding spamming and over-promotion.

Consider the broader impact on search and AI, as Reddit’s influence is significant. Choose content that enhances your brand’s visibility and reputation in alignment with desired perceptions.

7. Post at the Right Time

Timing is crucial for initial engagement on Reddit. While content can remain visible beyond 24 hours if exceptionally popular, the initial 24 hours are critical for engagement.

Avoid gaming the system with multiple accounts for upvotes; focus on organic engagement for credibility and to avoid banning.

Use tools to analyze the best posting times in your specific subreddits. Generally, posting between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. Eastern Time captures a full day of high activity, including international users.

8. Stay Engaged After You Submit

Post-submission engagement is crucial on Reddit, requiring close monitoring for the entire 24-hour period your content is live.

Interact thoughtfully with comments, voting up genuine contributions and downvoting trolls or low-quality comments to manage visibility effectively.

Respond without being defensive, fostering positive and constructive discussion to enhance your presence on Reddit.

Reddit is an Invaluable Platform if You Invest the Time and Effort

Reddit’s community-driven approach and authentic content make it one of the hardest yet one of the most rewarding platforms for marketers willing to invest time and effort.

Whether engaging in existing subreddits, creating your own, or running ads, Reddit provides unique opportunities for meaningful connections and impactful marketing.

Thank you to everyone who joined the webinar. It was enjoyable to discuss Reddit once again. If you have questions or need assistance with your brand’s Reddit impact, feel free to reach out.

A Little Something About Me You Might Not Know…

I’ve been a dedicated Redditor since 2006. My venture into social media began in San Francisco, involving interactions with companies like Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon during their ascendancy.

One cherished memory is emailing Alexis Ohanian, Reddit’s co-founder, expressing my admiration for the site. He responded, and before long, we were hanging out.

From sharing tacos to engaging in SEO discussions, we bonded over our mutual passion for Reddit. Fun fact: My son became the first baby Redditor, thanks to Alexis.

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